Thank you for visiting my site! Songbird Yarn and Fibres is a fledgling indie dyer.  

I love mixing my two passions; birds and yarn!   Each colourway includes some fun facts about the specific bird I am featuring. I have always been an avid birdwatcher and lover of nature, so I am excited to pass along a little of my bird love to you!      


Over one third of all North American species are at immediate risk of extinction unless there are significant conservation efforts to reduce their declines. I donate $2.00 when you purchase a bird-inspired skein to Birds Canada to help with these conservation efforts, so you get beautiful yarn and the birds get our help... a win-win!

I use acid dyes for squishy, vibrant skeins dyed in small batches in a smoke-free home.  Skeins are dyed by different immersion and hand painting techniques so each batch will be similar, but not an exact match. 

If you're knitting a larger product that will require more than one skein in a colourway, let me know and I will make sure to match dye lots, or dye a custom batch for you.  Please don't hesitate to contact me and I will try to accommodate any request.

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I can also be found on IG as @knitwitvic and on Ravelry as KnitwitVic.

Photo Credit: Northern Parula - David Speiser, Belted Kingfisher - Kevin Cole, Anna's Hummingbird - Tom Sanders