Looking for a Winter

Go To Post     Looking for a Winter KAL? Beginning November 1st we will be knitting #startingpoint by @jojilocat

I have collaborated with 5 amazing indie dyers for this KAL! Give each one a follow if you aren't already!

Here is the catch, you must use ATLEAST 1 skein from any (or all🤷🏻‍♀️) of these amazingly talented dyers, to be entered for prizes! Each dyer will contribute a prize!!! Amazing right?? You can join this KAL using the facebook group: dyerwolf KALS, or the Dyerwolf Ravelry group that I’ll link in my bio!

But wait, there's more! @darnyarn.ca has all these dyers stocked!! Mix and match with the different dyers to find your perfect "Starting Point"! What's better? Shopping from all these dyers and only 1 shipping price!!! Say whaaaaa!!

Share and get the word out to fellow knitters! Also, if you crocheters have a pattern idea, I would love to include ya'll with a CAL as well! DM me!

#winterkal #startingpointshawl #communityovercompetition #shopwomenowned #smallbusinessowner #smallbusinesssupport

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